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Information about proposals, resolutions, assessments and results, including decision-making processes.

Policy proposals; Recommendations; Minutes of meetings; Public consultations

  • Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (Minutes)
  • Agricultural Strategic Planning Committee (Minutes)
  • Veterinary Board Laws & General File (Minutes)

Permits granted or refused (where publication is required by law, enactment or practice)

  • Import Permits
    • Live Animal Import Permits
      • Dog and Cat
      • Birds, fish and pocket pets
      • All other live animals
      • Pet Passports
    • Meat Import Permits
    • Seafood Import Permits
    • Plant Import Permits
      • Seeds
      • Cut flowers and foliage
      • Produce
      • Live plants
      • Balled and burlapped
    • Aggregate Import Permits
  • Export Permits
    • Live Animal Export Permits
    • Phytosanitary Certificates

This website forms the Department of Agriculture e-publication scheme, developed in compliance with Section 5 of the FOI Law

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