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Administering the authority’s operations at the organisational level; developing business plans and corporate policy; setting long-term goals and objectives; evaluating the agency’s overall performance and progress towards established targets; managing programs to improve business processes and ensure consistent service delivery; preparing or revising laws and other regulatory instruments that affect the authority’s functions and responsibilities; obtaining legal advice from external sources.


  • The Animals Law (2015 Revision)
  • The Animals Law (1999 Revision) Animals (Exportation, Importation, Protection and Control) Regulations (2004 Revision)
  • The Animals Law (1996 Revision) The Animals (Restrictions on Riding) Order (1996 Revision)
  • Animals Law (1996 Revision) Animals (Disposal) Regulations, 1997
  • Animals Law (1999 Revision) Animals (Prohibited Dogs) Regulations (2004) Revision)
  • Veterinary Law (1997 Revision)
  • The Veterinary Regulations (1998 Revision)
  • The Plants (Importation and Exportation) Law (1997 Revision)
  • The Endangered Species Protection and Propagation Law (1999 Revision)
  • The Endangered Species (Trade and Transport) Law, 2004 (Law 14 of 2004)
  • The Plant (Importation and Exportation) (Fees) Regulation 2009
  • Freedom of Information Law (2007)
  • Freedom of Information (General) Regulations (2008)
  • Freedom of Information (Information Commissioner) Regulations (2008)
  • The Freedom of Information Law, 2007 (Commencement) Order (2008)
  • Public Service Management Law (2011)
  • Public Service Personnel (Regulations) (2011)
  • Public Management and Finance Law (2012 Revision)
  • Financial Regulations (2008 Revision)
  • Public Service Pensions Law (2011 Revision)
  • Public Service Pensions Regulations (2011 Revision)
  • Public Holidays Law (2007 Revision)
  • National Archive and Public Records Law (2010 Revision)
  • National Archive and Public Records (Regulations) 2007
  • Health Insurance Law (2011 Revision)

This website forms the Department of Agriculture e-publication scheme, developed in compliance with Section 5 of the FOI Law

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