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Mission Statement

The organisation seeks to develop sustainable agricultural production in order to promote measures of self-sufficiency and food security (compatible with economic reality) for the Cayman Islands. To preserve and protect the state of health and well being of plants and animals and to indirectly promote the wellness of residents through dynamic planned development.

The Department of Agriculture will

  • specify the information held by the authority, which falls within the seven (7) categories below;
  • proactively publish or otherwise make routinely available, information which is held by the authority and falls within the categories below;
  • describe the methods by which specific information is made available, so that it can be easily identified and accessed by members of the public;
  • list any fees charged for access to information described in this scheme;
  • publish or otherwise make information available, in accordance with the methods and fees stated in this scheme;
  • make this publication scheme available to the public;
  • regularly review and update the information made available under this scheme.

Senior Management Team

  • Mr. Adrian Estwick, Director of Agriculture
  • Mr. Brian Crichlow, Assistant Director (Agriculture Services)
  • Ms. Patricia Howard-Muschette, Human Resources Business Partner
  • Mrs. Veronica Mutava, Financial Administrator
  • Dr. Larry Caven, Senior Veterinary Officer I

Key Staff (Section Heads)

  • Mrs. Claudette McKenzie-Bowen, Agronomist
  • Mr. Matthew Castle, Plant Protection Officer
  • Erik Bodden, Senior Animal Welfare Officer
  • Kenisha Palmer, Agricultural Officer
  • Judith Ebanks-Oyog, Animal Health Assistant (Cayman Brac)
  • Shariffa Chantilope-Zelaya, Agricultural Assistant (Extension CYB)
  • Camille Stewart-Brown, Inventory Management & Procurement Officer
  • Gina McField, Farmer Registration


Last Updated 2021-07-01